01.Who are we

We are a dynamic group of individuals who have a wide range of interests and talents located in Victoria, BC. We love to play games and come up with innovative solutions to solve difficult problems. Founded in 2018 with the goal of creating unique apps and experiences that aren't cookie cutter or done a million times over, Smashola continues to dig deep and dream big.

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02.What we do
Wheel Words

Wheel Words is an addictive and fun word game that anyone can play. There are thousands of words and unique word pack themes, providing endless challenges for every word smith. Wheel Words has a modern design, with beautiful background patterns and pleasing color palettes.

Gran Fundo

A simple, addictive and fun cycling game for when you're not riding. Spend your nights or rainy days dreaming of the next big ride. Gran Fundo has three modes available to provide endless game-play options: Time Trial, Race and Infinite Mode.

Mars Lander: Rescue

Your crewmate has wandered off exploring the Martian planet and now they need saving. Devise and execute a rescue mission to return them home safely. Maneuver vicious wind storms, Martian twisters, meteor showers, dark caves, dead of night, polar caps or blast the Martian surface with explosives to gain access to your crew.

Smash Math: Berry Jam

Fun for all ages and mathematical abilities! Race the clock or challenge your friends to solve each puzzle. Figure out the value of each berry, then apply the correct Order of Operations to solve for the missing answer. Increase the difficulty or add the timer to challenge your mathematical knowledge. Sharpen your math skills with this entertaining and educational puzzle game.

80 Day Mayday

Are you committed to an 80 day program that will completely change your body but are feeling overwhelmed by timed nutrition? 80 Day Mayday takes all the guesswork out and makes it easy to be successful! Simply choose your workout time and 80 Day Mayday will plot out your entire meal plan for the day, including your Workout Block. No more paper planners, no more frustration, no more excuses!

Transform Tracker

Transform in 20 minutes a day! Are you ready to transform your body in just 20 minutes a day? Transform Tracker takes all the guesswork out and makes it easy to be successful! Track your daily Transformers and see your progression from week to week. Plan and log your meals for maximum results. See your weight loss results throughout the program. No more paper planners, no more frustration, no more excuses!

03.Where are we

We are fortunate enough to call the Pacific Northwest home.

Please don't hesitate to drop us a note about the things you love... or don't love, awesome ideas you have... or don't have.
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